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VCE Drama Performance Evening

VCE Drama Performance Evening – Tales from the Tower of London

An unkindness of Ravens flew into Siena College early this term to share tales from the Tower of London to an audience of family and friends. Using heightened language and poetry, our Unit 3 Drama students skilfully transformed into Ravens and used physical theatre to provide striking imagery and synchronisation as they performed a montage of historic events.

Throughout Term One Drama students learnt about a range of performance styles and associated conventions from a diverse range of contemporary and cultural performance traditions including Epic Theatre, Commedia dell'arte, Theatre of Cruelty and Physical Theatre.  Students worked collaboratively to devise, develop and present a student devised and original ensemble performance. 

Essential interpersonal and intrapersonal skills were developed throughout the process as students became active listeners and motivated contributors, negotiated, problem solved, delegated and took on leadership positions, whilst working collaboratively to achieve a set goal. A rigorous process of researching, brainstorming, scripting, directing and refining work resulted in two very strong performance pieces. Students extended themselves to transform between a range of contrasting characters and enhanced their performance skills and confidence throughout the process.

Congratulations to our VCE Drama students on their engaging and thought provoking performance work.




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