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Welcome to Winter

The weather has turned very cold and we need to start looking after ourselves to avoid catching coughs and colds at this very busy time of the year.  Parents have an added responsibility in making sure that your daughters are eating well and taking extra vitamins if they need them.  Sleep is such a vital ingredient to good physical and mental health and trying to ensure that students get eight hours a night can be a challenge.  Physical activity and drinking at least a litre of water a day are also recommended.  If your daughter does become unwell, please keep her home from school until she has fully recovered. 

Winter coincides with the end of Semester 1 where some students will be going into exams and all students will be completing tasks for assessment.  It is unusual for young people to talk about how stressed they can become at this time so as part of the Wellbeing Team’s commitment to providing strategies for coping, Ms Gemma Morley and the counselling team have engaged Teri from Life Ready Physio and Pilates to run some Stretch and Relaxation classes.  These are free of charge to students, in the hope that this time will provide an opportunity for them to escape from the busy school day and do something for their own wellbeing.  We hope students will take some time to focus on their own self-care and hopefully develop some skills to help manage any stress they may be feeling. All sessions will run at lunchtime.

Here is some student feedback from the trial session earlier this week.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to participate in this class. I had a great time and felt very relaxed and calm after.  If we could have more of these classes, I would definitely come and invite my friends to as well.

I really loved the class today as did my two friends. It was a great time to just unwind and take our minds off everything else. We would love to do the class every week if not more! 

We are also hoping that our Junior and Senior Leaders will run a House netball competition to have our students getting physical at lunchtime.  Points will also go towards the coveted HOTY Award.

College Uniform

Parents have been very supportive this semester in supporting us with the way students wear their uniform.  We are very appreciative of this and ask that you ensure that your daughter is wearing her blazer to and from school each day.  Her hair should be tied back and there should only be one small earring in each ear.  Sport uniform should be worn appropriately, and parents are reminded that long sleeved tops, except for the Siena rugby top, are not to be worn at any time.

School Devices - Apps

Parents of junior students are asked to check that your daughter does not have any inappropriate apps on her device as this would be in breech of the ICT Policy. No student under thirteeen years of age should have Instagram, etc. on her school device.  Your support in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

The end of this term will see students going into a three week holiday break which will bring more time for family, relaxation and self care. 


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