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Religious Education

It’s been a busy time for the students this term in Religious Education. From the whole school celebration of St Catherine’s Day to excursions and showcases, the girls have been working to bring our faith to life.

Year 8 Baking for Justice

The Religious Education department and the Justice Crew were excited to give some of our Year 8 students an opportunity to prepare for the area of study 'Goodness in our World' with some hands-on experience at serving the needs of others. Local parish St Dominic’s hosts an annual cake stall to raise much needed funds for a community in Quezon City in the Philippines and we set our students some intensive baking to provide a variety of goodies. In small groups, our girls prepped, poured, mixed, stirred, rolled, spooned and packed almost fifty plates to go on sale. The rumballs, honey joys, chocolate crackles and lemon slice proved to be massive hits with the buyers. Our girls baking contributed to raising over $1000 for the work of the FCJ sisters in Quezon City. The girls enjoyed the chance to show off their baking talents, have fun in a small team and, most importantly serve those who are fighting to survive. Amazing work from the Year 8s, showing how easy it is to act for justice.

Year 9 Siena in the City Showcase

For the Year 9s, our Showcase was the culmination of their Siena and the City experience – Where’s Dominic? After four days of adventuring around Melbourne in search of the Dominican values of Service, Community, Joyfulness and Aesthetics the Year 9s presented their learning to their parents. With twenty nine stalls around the Learning Centre and St Catherine’s Centre foyer displaying their research, the Year 9s dazzled their parents and teachers with their knowledge of the visibility of our Dominican values in secular life. Their experiences over the four days showed how relevant the values of Dominic and the message of Catherine are for our contemporary world.

Year 7 'Ways People Pray' Excursion

As the Year 7s commenced the unit 'Ways People Pray', they were given their first Siena opportunity to participate in inter-faith dialogue. The Year 7s ventured to St Kilda East to visit the St Kilda Hebrew Congregation and Temple Beth Israel synagogues to discover how Jewish people engage in prayer and live out their faith. The students discovered there were differences between the way the two synagogues worship, even though they share the same beliefs about God. They will use their knowledge our own Catholic tradition and practices to discover the similarities and differences between our two faith. Whilst connecting directly to their class work, we value our relationship with the Jewish community and see it as a way to break down prejudices and form relationships that will create a more cohesive society. 


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