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Year 11 Geography

On Friday, 24 May, Year 11 Geography students participated in a day-long set of fieldwork activities as part of their studies of Unit 1, Hazards and Disasters. 

The purpose of this fieldwork trip was to gather primary data regarding the impacts of flooding and flood mitigation infrastructure along Gardiners Creek. This waterway is Melbourne’s second most important after the Yarra River, flowing along a much-altered, thirty-plus km course through what is now a mostly highly urbanised region. Potential impacts of flood events along the creek are taken very seriously by residents, local councils, the State Emergency Service and local police.

In a broader sense, the interactions between the natural and built environments are of great interest to town planners, civil engineers, insurance companies and geographers!

The group visited various sites along Gardiners Creek between Blackburn and Glen Iris, studying and assessing stream profiles, effects of vegetation (or lack of), encroachment by urbanisation, impacts of tributaries, and the strategic placement of a major suburban flood retarding basin. The students produced annotated field sketches, took photographs, made notes based on their observations and surveyed some local residents. 

The data which was collected on the day will form the basis of a 2000-word fieldwork report, which will be completed by each student as a part of their Unit 1 assessment.

Unfortunately, the weather was not perfect for our trip, but the morning showers did not dampen the girls’ attempts to gather good quality primary data. A good geographer will always maintain that there is no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothing! Overall, the day was very successful.

We would like to thank very much Ms. Jen Casey, who accompanied and assisted our fieldtrip group. 

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