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Year 8 Activities Week

Year 8 Activities Week Report 

Activities Week was a great learning and bonding experience for the Year 8 girls. It consisted of tree surfing, indigenous culture, indoor rock climbing and the Werribee zoo safari. I think as a house cohort we got to overcome fears and challenges by encouraging each other and having fun. We learnt so much over the three days of activities and had the opportunity to enjoy ourselves. Thank you to everyone who organised it as it was a week to remember.

Kaitlin Patterson 

 At the end of last term, all of the Year 8s participated in Activities Week. This was a really exciting week filled with things that were both fun and challenging. This included rock climbing and tree surfing, which tested our physical strengths and fear of heights, and also were able to listen to an ex-Olympian who was of an indigenous background. He shared an inspiring story about his struggles and how he overcame them, and for the rest of the day, we completed traditional indigenous activities such as sporting games and art which was really fun and eye opening. We also went to Werribee Zoo and went on a safari where we got to see lots of animals up close. Overall, it was a great week filled with lots of fun and it was a fantastic way to get to know our year level better.

Jessica Higgins

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