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Shared Stories Anthology 2018

We congratulate all of our students whose work was selected for this year's Shared Stories anthology, a joint project between twenty four Victorian regional and metropolitan Catholic secondary schools.  This year's theme was 'Live Simply, Simply Live' and featured a diverse range of writing and artwork across all year levels.   We are proud to share some excerpts of our student's work:

They are mammoth now
Knocking the breath from my chest
Bottomless mounds of blue, rising and falling mercilessly
Ribbons of silty water twist along the deck
Fear is in my mouth and eyes and ears and heart

I am sitting
In the corner
There is a gust of warm wind
And I hug my knees, shivering

 Waves spit against the boat
And sea spray covers my face like freckles
My hunger is a monster
Snarling for attention, clawing at my insides 

Surely it isn’t much further?

Juliet Guthrie, Year 9

Death and the girl looked at each other for quite some time.

‘Well, you’re here early,’ said Death eventually.
‘I guess so,’ said the girl, ‘shouldn’t you be used to this by now?’
‘I suppose I should be,’ sighed Death, ‘you don’t seem very frightened.’
‘Yeah,’ said the girl, ‘I guess it can’t be helped.’

They were standing on a cliff at the edge of a forest. The sun was setting behind a vast skyline of trees,
which stirred slightly every once in a while due to a rogue puff of wind. Two birds were singing gaily to
each other in the distance.

‘So,’ said Death, ‘where are we?’

Kayla Gadaleta, Year 10


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