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Learning and Teaching

Years 9 - 11 Examinations 

Our Year 11 students have commenced their examination period and we wish them all the very best. The Year 10s and Year 9s will commence exams on Friday, 23 November and Wednesday, 28 November respectively.

The examination timetable and the College expectations in relation to examinations have been emailed to all Year 9 to 11 students, parents and guardians. The exam timetables are also available on the Siena Central Portal for both parents and students. Subject teachers have published a revision package for each year level on Siena Central. Year 11 examination papers will be returned through House Group on Friday, 30 November and results will be available on Siena Central on Thursday, 29 November at 3:30pm. Year 9 and 10 examination papers will only be available in 2019, due to time constraints. However, Year 9 and 10 examination results will be published on Siena Central on Tuesday, 11 December at 3:00pm.

2019 HeadStart Program

We will once again run a Headstart program for our Year 11 and Year 10 students.

On Monday, 26 November, the current Year 11 students will undertake a five day Year 12 Headstart program concluding on Friday, 30 November. The current Year 10s will undertake a three day program commencing on Monday, 3 December and concluding on Wednesday, 5 December.

Each Year 12 subject will be allocated five periods and each Year 11 subject will have three periods allotted. Students will be given a brief overview of the course, as well as holiday home learning. Students will need to bring writing materials, but all other resources will be provided either via Siena Central or by the subject teacher. 

Please note that 2019 staffing has not been finalised and therefore, the subject teacher who takes the Head Start class may not be the 2019 subject teacher. 

End of Year Dates

Years 7 to 9 students will finish on Thursday, 6 December at 12:30pm. 

We are looking forward to the celebration of our students’ academic accomplishments at our Academic Awards Evening on Wednesday, 12 December. Invitations to this event will be emailed to the award winners, their parents and guardians in the coming weeks. 

The last VCAA Examination takes place on Wednesday, 21 November and the Year 12 results will be published on Friday, 14 December. There has been a wonderful, positive energy surrounding these examinations with students commenting on the fairness of the examination papers. Our students have been behaving in an exemplary manner and doing themselves and the College proud. With just a few exams remaining until Wednesday, many of our students will have finished their examinations or will do so shortly. May you and your families enjoy some much deserved relaxation. I would like to acknowledge and thank all of our Year 12 teachers who have worked tirelessly to prepare our students. 




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