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Year 7 2019 Transition Day

On Friday 16 November, we welcomed one hundred and forty eight Grade 6 students to our College to begin their transition into secondary school. 

The girls began the day with assembly and shortly after were allocated to their Houses. Everyone participated in a variety of 'getting to know you' activities with their Head of Student Wellbeing before breaking for recess. 

They were then placed in smaller groups, which rotated throughout the mid-morning session. This provided an opportunity for the girls to make connections with a variety of students from other primary schools. At Siena we understand the importance of relating and belonging. A great sense of belonging promotes positive student wellbeing and generates success in the academic classroom. As such, our Transition Day is structured around creating a strong sense of community. 

During lunch the girls were able to sign up for Girls Sport Victoria (GSV) in Term 1 and were introduced to some of the Siena sports faculty staff.  The day ended back in House areas where the girls reflected on their first experience of Siena College. 

Many thanks to all involved with the preparation and implementation of the Transition program. 

Minna Denholm
Transition Coordinator.  

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