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Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching Curriculum Writing Day

Wednesday, 24 October is Curriculum Writing Day for teachers and therefore a student free day.  Teachers work in teams to update the curriculum and assessment dates in preparation for 2019. It is a very productive day as our staff begin the process of reviewing 2018 courses and what the essential learnings are for our students.

2019 Year 10 to 12 Bring Your Own Device

Current Year 9 students who have been using an iPad over the last two years, may continue to bring that device to support their learning in 2019.  Alternatively, students in Years 10, 11 and 12 may choose to bring another tablet or laptop to Siena College to use.  The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program enables senior students to choose the technology that best suits their needs and learning style.  

In 2019, we recommend one of three options; a Tablet, Windows Notebook Device or an Apple Notebook Device. We have a partnership with ‘CompNow’ who provide new devices at competitive prices.  A letter will be sent shortly with further information regarding preferred devices.

VCAA Examinations

We wish all our students undertaking Unit 3 and 4 examinations the very best in their study and in their examinations. We would also like to acknowledge the dedication and work of our committed Year 12 teachers who have worked with our girls this year.  We wish all students well as they prepare for these final semester examinations.

2019 Subject Selection

Over the next weeks, students will receive via email their 2019 proposed subjects and the Booklist package.  If there are any issues with subject selections, students should contact Liz Carr. 
The dates for release are as follows:

  • Year 12 on 25 October
  • Year 11 on 1 November
  • Years 8, 9 and 10 on 8 November

2019 Year 7 families will be emailed next Thursday, 25 October regarding access to the parent portal, Siena Central.  Here they can view book lists and iPad requirements.








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