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Mission Matters

We pray…

Over the school holiday break and over the past fortnight we have witnessed the forces of nature devastating lives in other parts of our world

God of mercy and compassion, we ask for your blessing on those whose lives have been affected by recent natural disasters.                                               
Comfort them in their loss of family, friends and community.                           
Give them the gift of hope to see beyond their pain and loss.

Give strength to those who work with them to rebuild their families and communities.                                                             
Bless them for their willingness to be with the grieving, the injured and the homeless.


Visual and Performing Arts Week

“The artist is a witness of the invisible and works of art are the clearest proof that the incarnation is possible.” Pope Francis 

Much has been written about the connection between the arts and spirituality; Dominicans through the ages have recognised the integral part that the arts play in preaching God’s Word to a hungry world.

During the course of this week students and staff have been provided with rich opportunities to engage with the arts on many levels – this experience of the transcendent though words, actions and images is very much a part of our charism and its appreciation of beauty in the everyday.




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