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Shared Understanding of Learning at Siena College

Each term, teachers and students focus on a different Learning Quadrant from our ‘Shared Understanding of Learning’ framework that reflects our pedagogical practice and promotes teaching and learning endeavours in the classroom. In Term 3, the focus was on the ‘Learning Skills’ quadrant:



Throughout Term 3, I was able to conduct Learning Walks with students from Years 7-12, asking them to reflect on how ‘skills’ have enhanced their learning in the classroom. These are some of the student responses:

 What kinds of learning skills have you developed in this class?

 ‘Creative thinking’
‘ to effectively plan my writing piece’
‘to communicate my ideas in group discussions’

‘to be more focused on independent learning’
‘ I am able to locate information and analyse it’

How does your teacher enable you to use critical and creative thinking skills in the classroom?

 ‘through interactive learning: guided and independent practice’
‘through group discussions and activities: learning from others’
‘by allowing us to collaborate with others through seating plans and putting us into different learning groups’
‘by encouraging us to ask questions and to find out the answers ourselves’

How do you show your learning in this class?

‘through self-reflection journal writing’
‘by answering questions in discussions’
‘by participating – being engaged, active listening, present- centred’
‘by helping to teach others – peer tutoring’
‘through assessments both formative and summative’
‘getting feedback on your learning from the teacher’

How does your teacher inspire independence in you as a learner?

 ‘sometimes it is better to work on your own to really test your learning and understanding’
‘teachers sometimes encourage us to take risks when learning something new’
‘the teacher challenges me to learn new things – step out of our comfort zone’
‘by asking us to answer questions in front of the class’
‘allowing me to make mistakes and learn from them’

This term we will focus on the fourth and final quadrant – Learning Relationships:

 Our learning focus in Term 4 will be on continuing to forge strong working relationships in the classroom between students and teachers and students and students to build on the skills of collaboration and continuing to foster learning partnerships in the classroom to maximise successful learning outcomes.

Michelle Robertson

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