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White Rose Mass

'The real damage is done by those million who want to “survive”.  The honest people who just want to be left in peace.  Those who don’t want their little lives to be disturbed by anything bigger than themselves.  Those with no sides and no cause.  Those who don’t like to make waves – or enemies.  Those for whom freedom, honour, truth, and principles are only literature.'  
Sophie Scholl, White Rose member (1921-1943)

Matilda Baker, Georgia Smith and Jana Lianos were privileged to attend the White Rose Mass at Xavier College Memorial Chapel on Wednesday, 22 August.  The Mass was to mark the 75th anniversary of the executions of six members of the White Rose, a group of German citizens who stood in opposition to the Nazi regime and paid the ultimate sacrifice.  

Following the Mass, our students participated in a Human Rights Forum with peers from schools throughout Victoria.  Participants reflected on current Human Rights issues and explored the courage involved in standing up and speaking out.  Students discussed the many and varied ways it was possible to make a difference in our contemporary world.  

Overwhelmingly, our students walked away feeling both challenged and empowered to consider how they could work individually, and collectively, to stand up for human rights, for freedom and for justice.    


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