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World Scholar's Cup

The World Scholars Cup Global Round in Melbourne saw 1600 students from 27 countries descend on the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, with some travelling from as far away as Canada, Jakarta and Dubai. The extravaganza ran over six days (17-21 August) in the beautiful South Wharf area with various competitions at host schools around Melbourne. The goal of this competition is to inspire in young people a love of learning, confidence in new skills and a sense of global citizenship.

Our intrepid scholars Mia Kelly, Lauren Edwards, and Jessica Higgins experienced the hectic pace of scavenger hunts, keynote speeches, panel discussions, the signature Scholar’s Ball, community-building events and rigorous competitive events. A true experience in debate, and build new friendships among fellow scholars from all over the world. Our Siena students found the experience immensly rewarding as they’ve expressed in their following reflections.

Student Reflections

“World Scholars Cup was an amazing experience, that provided a platform for students to connect and learn together, and meet people their age from all over the world. I learnt a lot from this experience, not only about the topics we were studying, but also social skills and creating new relationships with those around me. It taught me how to effectively study, and how to memorise large amounts of work. World Scholars Cup has given me a platform to make long lasting friendships with people all over the world, and has helped me gain lots of academic, and social knowledge.”
Jessica Higgins, Year 7

“At World Scholars Cup I learnt many things and was immersed in different cultures and their traditions. During the global round 1,600 students from all around the world came together  not only to enhance our learning and overall knowledge but to learn things we could not learn at school or anywhere else. There were six different subject areas we had to study - science, literature, music, social studies, history and the special area. These topics can be applied to all my schoolwork especially English and science as we really focused on those subjects especially the science of memory, the nervous system, films and literature of all forms. I really enjoyed that we had multiple events and activities that allowed us to merge with the other teams and countries and make new friendships that will last even after our time at world scholars is finished.”
Lauren Edwards, Year 7


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