Congratulations to Sasha Sahely - winner of the… | Siena College

Congratulations to Sasha Sahely (Year 10) who spoke so passionately on the time she has spent reflecting on racism during lockdown this year. As Sasha explained:

"I learned that what truly makes me who I am is my ability to stand up for justice when I see prejudice and inequality, to be an ally to the victims of racism and injustice, and to use my voice to advocate for change. During this time, I have learned that when I ask others “Who do you say I am?” I don’t want them to say that I am just a debater or a tennis player or a good student, I want them to be able to say that I am someone who spoke up when it mattered most and used my voice to fight for what I knew was right."

Congratulations also to runner up Tia McCann (Year 7) - a wonderful effort! We are so proud of every participant for their involvement in this traditional College event.

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