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Year 7 Student Leadership

After completing the Pillars Year 7 Leadership Program in Term 1, a fantastic group of Year 7 students nominated for the positions of Year 7 Student Voice Leader. They enthusiastically engaged in the preparation process, which included participation in an interview, writing and recording a speech to be presented online, prior to the online election. I would like to congratulate all of the nominees on their engagement in the Year 7 Leadership Program, for embracing new ways of doing things.

We are pleased to introduce our newest members of the SRC, our Year 7 Student Voice Leaders:

News from the Student Leaders

This term, the SRC has been focusing on student engagement and connection during the period of online learning. They have been developing and running a number of activities for students to participate in, and earn “House of the Year” points for their Houses.

Art Challenges

During isolation, the Arts Team brainstormed a range of activities to earn HOTY points and have fun! We launched an Art Challenge with a new theme every two weeks. Judging the artworks is a lot of fun but difficult! Everyone’s creativity really shows through and I can’t help but smile when I view the submissions, which are featured in the photo gallery attached. Seeing students challenge themselves with a prompt and giving it a go is a great reminder to stay optimistic and to push yourself to improve.

Paris Poon (The Arts Leader - Visual Arts)

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