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Our Year 8 History study design encourages students to investigate and examine how people lived in other times. This year, we have focused on life in the Middle Ages. Recently, four classes were involved in a range of activities that introduced them to different aspects of medieval life. Students were joined by members of Medieval Education who showed them how to train and fight as knights along with the intricacies of court dancing. Other activities included designing heraldic shields, completing a rubbing of a medieval brass memorial and watching and later analysing a film for historical accuracy.

Student Reflections

On 25 October we were very fortunate to take part in Siena College’s Medieval Day. The activities we participated in were brass rubbing, jousting with knights, medieval dances and art and crafts. In brass rubbing we learnt how medieval memorials were designed and then we made our own using special parchment paper and wax crayons. In the jousting session we learnt about the armour, weapons, skills and training that the knights used to prepare for battle. Peter taught us some traditional dances of all the classes of the medical society and lastly, we designed our own shield. We learnt about the rules that had to apply whilst creating our symbols. Overall, we really enjoyed the day and loved dressing up in our costumes.
Isla Buchan and Majella Hine

Medieval Day 2019 was a really interesting and exciting experience. There were many activities that we got to explore and take part in, such as learning to become a knight, medieval dancing and different arts and crafts that were used in medieval times. These activities were eye opening and helped us gain a better understanding of the time period. This enhanced our knowledge of everything we had previously learned throughout the year in history. Another aspect of the day that was really enjoyable was having the opportunity to dress up in costumes and take photos in our chosen class of society.
Athena Tsonis, Sophie Birrell and Anita Boussioutas

Last Friday, the Year 8s currently studying History were lucky enough to particpate in ‘Medieval Day', which was a great way to enhance our knowledge of medieval times and get a better idea of how people lived in that era. On the day, our class learnt how to fight like a knight, which involved donning armour and completing intense training; how to create brass rubbings and how to make a personal coat of arms. We also particpating in traditional dancing which involved both slow partner dances, as well as quick paced dances that got us moving. The day was full of learning, but everyone had a lot of fun, as we were engrossed in medieval art, fighting and ways of living. There were some fantastic costumes on the day as we dressed up as nobles, peasants, knights and church officials.
Jessica Higgins

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