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e-Safety at Siena College

The landscape for making and sustaining friendships has changed dramatically as students continue to use technology as a tool of connectivity. Different students experience and use the internet in different ways. As such, it is important that students explore how they can safely use digital technologies to meet their information, communication and recreational needs. In Year 7, each student undertakes a subject called “Skills for Learning”, which in the first semester is designed to support students as they transition from a primary school to a secondary school environment. This week the classes have discussed the need for cyber safety when using online information systems and social media platforms.

Students discussed the importance of knowing their individual values before engaging in social media platforms and online communications, identified adults within their school and home environment that they could confide in if they needed to report an online issue and highlighted the importance of engaging online with people and organisations that have a positive impact on their headspace. Cyber safety and respectful online behaviour are also touched on throughout the Pastoral Program and comprise some of the curriculum covered in Health and Physical Education.

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner provides a wealth of knowledge on the six big issues that most commonly impact children: cyberbullying, online pornography, sending explicit and inappropriate photographs, time spent online, online gaming and unwanted contact and grooming. Targeted advice is also available for young people or adults who may be experiencing online harassment or abuse. We encourage parents and guardians to access the resources that are available to them by following the links below using them as a prompt to begin important conversations about e-Safety at home.

Furthermore, School TV also provides information on a wide range of topic pertaining to being safe on the internet in their Cybersafety Series.

Minna Jewell

Director of Students
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