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Learning and Teaching

Year 9 to 11 Examinations

On Friday, 15 November our Year 11 students sat their first exam and they will finish on Friday, 22 November. Year 10 and Year 9 students commence exams on Friday, 29 November and Wednesday, 4 December respectively.

The examination timetables and the College expectations in relation to examinations have been emailed to all Year 9 to 11 students, parents and guardians and are also available on the Siena Central Portal.

The revision packages for each year level are on Siena Central. These are an excellent resource for preparing for the exams.

Teaching staff will be focusing on marking papers in order to have the examination results ready to be published on Siena Central by Monday, 9 December. We wish all our students well as they prepare for these final semester examinations.

2020 Headstart Program

On Monday, 25 November, the current Year 11 students will undertake the five day Year 12 Headstart program. Each subject will have five periods allotted and students will be given a brief overview of the course, as well as their holiday home learning. Students will need to bring writing materials but all other resources will be provided either via Siena Central or by the subject teacher.

Our current Year 10 students begin the 2020 Year 11 Headstart Program on Monday, 2 December. Please note that 2020 staffing has not been finalised and therefore, the subject teacher who takes the Headstart class may not be the 2020 subject teacher.

2020 Booklists

The information sheet providing instructions for the ordering process, important dates and the second hand sale and purchase of books is linked to the ‘Booklists’ tile on the Siena Central parent and student dashboards.

Campion Booklists are all available on Siena Central via a link from the Campion logo, so please make sure that you have your orders in on time. The due date is 10 December, which allows time to attend the second hand book sale at ‘I Love Books’ on 8 December. Please read the information sheet instructions on how to sell and purchase second hand books through ‘I Love Books’.

End of Year Dates

Year 11 last day of 2020 Headstart and College: Friday, 29 November

Year 10 last day of 2020 Headstart and College: Wednesday, 4 December

Years 7 to 9 final assembly and Mass on Thursday, 5 December, finishing at 12.30pm.

Academic Awards Evening

We are looking forward to the celebration of our students’ academic accomplishments at our Academic Awards Evening on Wednesday, 11 December. Invitations to parents of award winners will be emailed in the coming days.

Academic Award Evening

We are looking forward to the celebration of our students’ academic accomplishments at our Academic Awards Evening on Wednesday 11 December.

Invitations to parents are sent out by year level, as the results are collated:

Year 12: Have been emailed their invitations.
Year 11: 29 November
Year 10: 27 November
Year 9: 28 November
Years 7 and 8: 3 December

VCAA Examinations

The last VCAA Examination took place on Wednesday, 20 November and the VTAC Year 12 results will be published/sent via text on Thursday, 12 December. There has been a wonderful, positive energy surrounding these examinations with students commenting on the fairness of the examination papers. Our students worked hard in their preparation and have done themselves and the College proud. Thank you for all your support during your daughter’s final year.

Jennifer Levett

Deputy Principal Mission and Identity
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