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Learning and Teaching

Parent Teacher Interviews

Years 7 to 12 Parent/Teacher Interviews will be held on Thursday, 12 March and Thursday, 19 March between 4.00pm and 7.30pm in the Latingata Morrom Gymnasium. Online Bookings will open for Year 12 parents on Wednesday, 4 March and for Year 7 to 11 parents, on Thursday, 5 March. Interim Reports will be available on Wednesday, 4 March and provide information regarding the subject, classroom learning indicators and number of days absent. Please download and print the report, as well as your interview schedule. There are no comments on formal reports as parents receive comments linked to assessment tasks throughout the semester.

As Parent/Teacher Interviews are an important opportunity to develop a working and supportive relationship between subject teachers, parents and students, we believe that it is essential that the student attend. This allows the student to share their learning experience and participate in the conversation about their subject expectations.

Tuesday Professional Practice Time

Every Tuesday from 2.45pm to 3.45pm, the teaching staff are involved in professional learning sessions. The professional learning sessions enhances our understanding of the four Dominican pillars, as we have a rotating focus on Learning, Wellbeing, Justice and Community.

As a result, all students will commence the day with Period 1 at 8.35am and will be dismissed at 2.30pm. The College buses depart from Siena around 2.35pm. If a student has a College commitment after school (such as the College Musical), they will be able to study in the Learning Centre. Year 12 students who complete private study in the St Catherine Centre may continue to use that space as usual, however, all other students are expected to return home.

Our staff are working really hard and with great enthusiasm and commitment to keep our learning and teaching fresh, dynamic and relevant and to most effectively engage our students.

This year the learning and teaching focus for teaching staff will be on formative assessment. Staff will be involved in eight professional practice sessions over the year. Our learning and teaching focus continues to emphasise ways to share our knowledge and skills to benefit student learning. The first session was led by our Pedagogy Team and staff fully engaged in robust discussion regarding differing perspectives and misconceptions around formative assessment.

Activities Week

Year 7 to 12 Activities week will take place from 25 March to 27 March. This program is well planned and supports the learning and wellbeing of our students. We ask for your support in student attendance. Year 7 students will attend their Year 7 Camp, Years 8, 10 and 11 students will be involved in a variety of activities at the College, and Year 12 students will be on retreat. The Year 9 Siena in the City program is a four day program, commencing on Tuesday, 24 March and concluding on Friday, 27 March.

Parents will receive individual year level notices in the weeks to follow.

Bernadette Donnelly

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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