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Siena Lesson Framework

In providing opportunities to grow all Siena College students, we continue to build upon our Dominican Ethos valuing study, with our ongoing focus of embedding our Culture of Learning for all staff and students. In 2019, the focus of staff learning during Professional Practice Time on Tuesday afternoons was the creation and implementation of the Siena Lesson Framework.

The Siena Lesson Framework provides the assurance that students will experience a consistency in lesson structure in all classrooms, for all lessons, for all subjects. ​ It allows students to understand and move their learning forward within a familiar lesson flow.

The Siena Lesson Framework is based on educational research, that references leading Educational Researchers including Hattie, Robert Slavin and Barak Rosenshine. ​

Whilst the Siena Lesson Framework has been uniformly adopted by staff, the strategies used to deliver lesson components is guided by the Learning Framework, staff collaboration and the individual teacher.

​Having a shared approach to lesson structure ensures that we are all working towards the same goal – ensuring growth for all students all the time.

Lesson Framework

Lesson Opening: Putting the learning in context
Review: Communicate Lesson Objectives and Success Criteria for this lesson

    Middle (Heart of the lesson)
    I Do: Introduction to new lesson material (the Explicit Explanation)
    We Do: Guided practice of new lesson material

      Review student learning
      Review the learning and attainment of Success Criteria

      Andrea Carter and Tina Di Camillo
      Leaders of Pedagogy

        Andrea Carter

        Leader of Pedagogy
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