Term 1, Issue 01 Feb 2020 - Learning and Teaching | Siena College
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Learning and Teaching

Welcome back to the 2020 academic year and a warm welcome to all of our new students and families. I am pleased to introduce our 2020 Senior Learning Leaders:

Marissa Joyce Head of English
Laine Rice Head of Health and Physical Education
Assimina Semertjis Head of Science
Claire Al-Noah Head of the Arts and Technology
Paul Failla Head of Mathematics
Jemimah Walsh Head of Humanities
Belinda Duncan Head of Religious Education
Dean Fleischer Head of Languages

We welcome to our team:

Anita Galli Head of Senior Pathways
Anne Rice Head of Learning Diversity

As part of the Heads of Learning team, we also have:

Donna Laughlin Director of Learning and Innovation
Andrea Carter Leader of Pedagogy
Tina Di Camillo
Leader of Pedagogy

You are welcome to contact any of the Senior Learning Leaders mentioned above, but as always, your first point of contact for curriculum related matters should be the subject teacher. It is essential that we continue to develop open and transparent communication and if possible, contact your daughter’s subject teacher earlier rather than later, if you perceive there to be a concern.

Year 12 Learning Conversations

Year 12 students require an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) for entry into many undergraduate-entry university programs in Australia. This year we will again run the Year 12 Learning Conversations. This program provides an opportunity for the student to share a learning conversation with a senior member of staff about their academic and personal goals, strategies that may assist in their learning and finally to develop a 2020 Action Plan with a focus on improvement. Year 12 students will also estimate an ATAR based on their Year 11 Semester Two Examination results. The Year 12 students will receive the relevant documents and an ATAR calculator program so that they can spend some time reflecting on their Year 11 achievements and prepare for their learning conversation. The focus is not so much on the estimated ATAR that they calculate but the way in which they can maximise their learning opportunities in 2020.

Parent Teacher Conferences

The Year 7 to 12 Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday, 12 March and Thursday, 19 March between 4.00 pm and 7.30pm in the Latingata Morrom Gymnasium. The Parent Teacher Conferences are an important opportunity to develop a working and supportive relationship between subject teachers, parents and students. It is essential that the student attends the Parent Teacher Conferences so that they are able to share their learning experience and participate in the conversation about their subject expectations. Parents and guardians will be able to download a copy of their daughter’s Interim report prior to the Parent Teacher Conference. Further information will be provided in a later newsletter edition.

Bernadette Donnelly

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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