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Health and Physical Education News

Year 9 SEPEP Volleyball

Year 9 students have been involved in a SEPEP Volleyball Unit for the first half of Term 1 in their Physical Education classes. The SEPEP model stands for “Sport Education in a Physical Education Program” and is a student-centred approach to Physical Education. The primary philosophy behind SEPEP is for students to experience a program which mirrors real life sport competitions.

The SEPEP approach promotes student participation and there is also a greater opportunity to develop game based skills, decision making and tactics. While all students are primarily players on their team, they are given the additional opportunity to develop leaderships skills through the experience of taking on roles such as a captain, coach, umpire, timekeeper and scorer. Teams take turns to be the duty team which organises the running of the competition.

One of the greatest benefits of SEPEP is that peer teaching becomes a feature as students want their team to do well and help other students to succeed. There are also many social benefits provided for students through working with others in a variety of situations.

The Year 9 students have engaged with the SEPEP Volleyball unit with much enthusiasm in Term 1. Congratulations on all your efforts and well done to all teams on the progress you have made across the unit!

Year 7 Invasion Games

Our Year 7 students have engaged with a new approach to the Physical Education curriculum in 2020, which is focusing on the Game Sense approach to teaching. This approach to teaching and learning emphasises the development of tactics and decision making. When engaging with Game Sense, students are presented with challenges to solve in structured games rather than having to practise technical skills in isolation.

The initial focus has been on Invasion Games and by using a range of small sided games, common characteristics and strategies to invasion games can be applied including:

  • Keeping possession of the ball
  • Creating and moving into space
  • Creating scoring opportunities
  • Preventing opposition from scoring by denying space

The use of small sided games has also promoted the development of collaboration, teamwork and cooperation. In this team environment all students have had the opportunity to work with others to assist in developing new social connections, which has hopefully assisted in their transition to Siena College.

Across the Semester all students will continue to engage with Game Sense but across different domains, including striking and fielding, net and wall and target games. An exciting Semester of Year 7 Physical Education awaits!

Laine Rice

Head of House, Kurrajong
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