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The Benefits of Gaming

During Term 1, we have been running gaming in the Learning Centre during Monday lunchtimes. The benefits of gaming include cooperation, team building, problem solving and lateral thinking. Girls have the opportunity to be competitive as they mingle with other like-minded students whilst working on hand eye coordination and spatial awareness. It is always great to see high fives when someone gets a megastar achievement!

Nintendo Switch games have been very popular and we have also set up the Virtual Reality Vive headset from time to time. Games such as Mario Kart 8, Supersmash Brothers, Mario World are on high rotation and more recently Just Dance 2020 resulted in a Learning Centre full of students dancing. In the Virtual Reality world, students have been engrossed in Beat Sabre, an Art program where they can draw in 3D. They also enjoy playing sport games like golf and learning more about the solar system or the human body.

One of the most important benefit of gaming, especially for girls, is spatial awareness. Studies show that 3D games in particular can lead to improved performance in perception, pattern recognition and cognition, all helpful skills for engineering and mathematics. As always, moderation is key of course as the negative consequences of playing almost always involve people who are excessive video game players. We also have board games, card games and jigsaws in the Learning Centre as ongoing activities.

If you have any questions about certain games that your child is playing, please feel free to contact the Learning Centre staff. I am an avid gamer and have been playing since the Atari first came out. And yes, I have clocked Space Invaders multiple times...

You can find more information about gaming and the benefits to your brain here: https://theconversation.com/playing-video-games-is-good-for-your-brain-heres-how-34034

Sam Redman

Library Technician
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