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Year 7 Transition Programs

We began the year with one hundred and thirty Year 7 students completing a two day Transition Program before all the other students returned to the College. This included various activities to ensure that our Year 7 students feel connected, confident and safe in their new learning environment, in order to help them maximise their learning opportunities.

Our Year 7s spent their first morning getting to know their House Group Teachers, who carefully introduced them to the structure of a school day at Siena. Using games and circle time activities, the girls began to get to know one another. At lunchtime the girls were met by our Student Leadership Team who enjoyed sharing their stories of their first days at school and were able to answer questions the Year 7 students may have had. In the afternoon the Year 7s participated in a Dominican Discovery, a program designed to introduce students to the key principles and people of the Dominican faith in which we learn.

The second day provided an opportunity for the Year 7s to meet some of their classroom teachers and participate in a variety of learning activities in different areas of the College. The girls were introduced to the Science laboratories and conducted their first practical activity, participated in a creative lesson with Visual Arts staff and explored the many different musical instruments made available to them through the Instrumental Music Program.

We wish each of our Year 7 students a positive start to their learning journey at Siena College.

Feedback on the Transition Program is most welcome from parents and may be emailed to:mjewell@siena.vic.edu.au

Minna Jewell

Director of Students
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