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Sharing a Profile with an Additional Parent/Guardian

A CareMonkey profile owner/creator can give another person (i.e. a second parent/guardian) ‘View Only’ or ‘View and Modify’ access:

  • If ‘View Only’ access is given, the additional person can see the profile but not change it
  • If ‘View and Modify’ access is provided, the additional person has the ability to view/modify the profile and respond to eForms in the same way as the profile owner.
    Please note that with ‘View and Modify’ access, the additional person will not be able to delete your account or make themselves the profile owner, and they will not have access to any other profiles that you have not specifically shared with them.

To share a profile, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the profile name or photo
    CareMonkey Instructions

  2. Hit the green ‘Share’ button in the Personal Details section
    CareMonkey Step 2

  3. Complete the form by providing the name and email address of the person you wish to share the profile with, and specify the Access Type you wish them to have (‘View Only’ or ‘View and Modify’). Then click ‘Invite’

  4. The person invited to share access will receive an email notifying them of this. They will need to set up their own CareMonkey account in order to view the student profile.
    CareMonkey step 3

If you have any difficulties creating your account or student profile, you can visit CareMonkey’s online Parent Support page at www.caremonkey.com/parent-support which features a live chat function.

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