Term 1, Issue 01 Feb 2020 - Is Your Food Nude? | Siena College
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Is Your Food Nude?

To reflect our concern for and desire to care for our Common Home, all students are encouraged to embrace Siena’s Nude Food initiative. Students are asked to use containers and other alternatives to single use plastic to transport their food from home. We are hoping to greatly reduce litter around the College and lessen the impact on our environment through embracing more sustainable options.

'Nude food uses less rubbish and energy. It helps decrease landfill because we are using reusable containers, not wrappers and cartons. Nude food also saves energy because we don’t buy the little containers, so less energy is used making the big containers.'

Reducing the use of packaging can also be good for wildlife. Many native animals eat plastic rubbish and packaging because they believe it to be food. National Geographic also noted the importance of solving the problem of debris pollution. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – a collection of debris and microplastics that spans a vast area of the Pacific Ocean – is a known problem for marine life. Fish and algae consume the plastic debris, which can lead to death in individual creatures and create great problems within the ecosystem.

Additionally, Nude food saves money because if you buy a larger tub of yoghurt and put it in containers it is cheaper than buying lots of little tubs of yoghurt. It also saves money because the price of buying a nude food lunchbox is less than buying all the small packages for a week of school.'

Bronwyn Ilott

Head of Justice Education
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