Term 1, Issue 01 Feb 2020 - Staffing News | Siena College
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Staffing News

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the following staff who joined Siena College at the commencement of the school year:

  • Elizabeth Hanney (Principal)
  • Maria Gonsalvez (Teacher: English, Religious Education and Psychology)
  • Dhanya Gunawardena (Teacher: Maths and Science)
  • Riley Khan (AFL Sports Trainee)
  • Brosie McCann (Teacher: Accounting, Economics, Business Management and Legal Studies)
  • Punita Mistry (Teacher: English, History)
  • Erin Murphy (Teacher: English, History)
  • Sonia Singh (Teacher: Maths, Science)

Tracey Kermond

Human Resources Manager
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