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Siena Career News

You can be certain of nothing but change – this saying certainly rings true in the current COVID 19 climate, but it is also a very apt reminder that even when we think we are on a particular trajectory, be it career, study or otherwise, change is always lurking around the corner. What is occurring now is unprecedented and the need to be informed, to research a range of careers and be aware of job opportunities and flourishing industries, whilst always important, is certainly crucial now.

Fortunately our tertiary institutions are moving to provide Course Information Sessions and Expos online and details of these sessions are included in this edition of Siena Career News.

Careers Appointments will take place this term via Microsoft Teams and bookings can be made here.

Items in this edition of Siena Career News include:

- Dates to diarise in Term 2
- Attend a Virtual Careers Expo
- Webinar: The Importance of LinkedIn
- Aspire – Early Admissions Program to La Trobe University
- Early Entry Programs at ACU
- Passion for Business (P4B) Early Entry Program
- Passion for Law (P4L) Early Entry Program
- Snapshot of Victoria University (VU) in 2020
- Optometry Courses in Australia in 2020

    Clare Timmins

    Head of Careers
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