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In Celebration of our Mother Earth

World Environment Day, 5 June

In celebration of our beautiful world Siena students are invited to show their appreciation of nature through one of the following:

A photographic competition. Celebrate the beauty, the fragility, the uniqueness of the natural world through a photograph, or a series of photographs.

Using words. Write a poem, some prose, a letter, a speech. Reflect upon what the earth means to you, how you feel when you are in a natural environment, the panic you feel about Climate Change, the sadness and fear you felt over Summer as you watched our country burn, the frustration you feel when you see people showing disrespect or disregard for the environment.

Through music. Compose a piece of music which represents your response to, appreciation for or concern for the environment. Lyrics can be included but are not required.

Create. Investigate the work of British artist Andy Goldsworthy and create an art installation inspired by him. Goldsworthy reflects his appreciation for the natural world through creating art installations out of natural objects – such as rocks, leaves, branches. He does this knowing that the installations are only temporary – that they will change and transform. This encourages us all to appreciate his work all the more.

    Bronwyn Ilott

    Head of Justice Education
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