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Self care whilst learning from home

Providing our students with an opportunity to focus on their wellbeing each week has been a priority for the Wellbeing Team at Siena College. Each week, students have been participating in a Weekly Wellness lesson which has had a focus on self care. The term “self care” has appeared frequently over the last few weeks, on the news, in advertising campaigns and on social media platforms. The Wellbeing Team has developed a holistic approach for our students that can be categorised into four equal parts:

  • Respecting your physical self
  • Nurturing your mental self
  • Investing in your future self
  • Honouring your spiritual self

The Weekly Wellness lessons have given students an opportunity to engage with their House Group teacher who leads the session, and with their house group. The lessons have often had components which enable to girls to be offline, which has provided welcome relief from screen time. The lesson outlines can be found on the Weekly Wellness Tile of Siena Central, should parents wish to view the options on offer.

Minna Jewell

Director of Students
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