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Student Formation News

Year 7 Student Leadership

After completing the Pillars Year 7 Leadership Program in Term 1, a fantastic group of Year 7 students nominated for the positions of Year 7 Student Voice Leader. They enthusiastically engaged in the preparation process, which included participation in an interview, writing and recording a speech to be presented online, prior to the online election. I would like to congratulate all of the nominees on their engagement in the Year 7 Leadership Program, for embracing new ways of doing things.

We are pleased to introduce our newest members of the SRC, our Year 7 Student Voice Leaders:

News from the Student Leaders

This term, the SRC has been focusing on student engagement and connection during the period of online learning. They have been developing and running a number of activities for students to participate in, and earn “House of the Year” points for their Houses.

Art Challenges

During isolation, the Arts Team brainstormed a range of activities to earn HOTY points and have fun! We launched an Art Challenge with a new theme every two weeks. Judging the artworks is a lot of fun but difficult! Everyone’s creativity really shows through and I can’t help but smile when I view the submissions, which are featured in the photo gallery attached. Seeing students challenge themselves with a prompt and giving it a go is a great reminder to stay optimistic and to push yourself to improve.

Paris Poon (The Arts Leader - Visual Arts)

Year 8 Lunch Time Kahoot

With the Year 8s completing the majority of Term 2 remotely, we decided to focus on connection amongst our cohort at a time that has proven to be challenging and disconnecting for many. We thought a fun and engaging way to do this could be through a Kahoot, which was open to the whole of Year 8. Every Year 8 girl was invited to participate and have some fun! Our Kahoot took place on a Friday at lunch time. We believe it went really well as the Year 8s who participated had fun, chatted, laughed and after, hopefully felt more connected to the girls in the year level. We plan on hosting more Kahoots in the future and thinking of more innovative ways to connect girls, even when school does return!

Amy Duffy, (Year 8 Student Voice Leader)

    Year 8 Recommends…

    Due to the coronavirus many students have been watching different movies and TV series while staying at home and socially distancing. The Year 8 Leadership team decided to make a recommendations chart for the Year 8s, based on what student have been watching. The girls have been invited to share what they have watched and a quick recommendation of the show/movie. This list is being collated for the whole year level to view.

    Melania Flunt, (Year 8 Student Voice Leader)

      Debating Workshop

      Last week on Thursday, 21 May, Mr Loschiavo and I ran a small debating workshop after school on Microsoft Teams, for Year 7s and 8s. The outcome was wonderful - we had lots of girls eager and excited to be a part of it. During this workshop, I went through the basic skills in debating and we practised writing and constructing arguments. We also practised writing some rebuttals too. The girls seemed to really enjoy this, and after some feedback they felt like they had broadened their skills. They interacted and sent emojis, saying that they were feeling quite happy and confident about debating. The people who joined also earned some participation points for HOTY as an added bonus. We loved running this workshop and answering questions.

      Even though debating competitions may not proceed due to social distancing, having this workshop made the girls feel confident and gave them a sense of hope, for when things do slowly return to normal. We will definitely have another workshop in the near future.

      Amanda Marasco (Year 11 Communications Leader – Debating and Public Speaking)

      Public Speaking Competition

      Ms Seymour and I have designed a public speaking competition, which commenced on 25 May, and ends on 1 June. Students will film themselves speaking for two to three minutes discussing the theme “Dwell in Possibility”. I also filmed a small sample speech with tips on public speaking which can be found in the News Items for students to watch for further inspiration. We chose this topic “Dwell in Possibility” because it allows people to be as creative as they like. They can dig deep into talking about their hopes, fears and dreams for the future whether that be about the pandemic, career ideas or anything else they are hopeful and excited for. The purpose of this competition is to allow people to practise and enhance their public speaking skills. This is so important as public speaking is an essential skill, in which everyone can continue to build on their overall self confidence. There is a mystery prize for the winner, who will also receive HOTY points along with all participants. We are excited to see all the submissions and look forward to running more competitions so students can develop and enhance their skills even further.

      Amanda Marasco (Year 11 Communications Leader – Debating and Public Speaking)

      Claire Moody

      Head of Student Formation
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