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Update from the SRC

Student Formation News

The Student Leadership Team has embraced the online learning environment, and are learning new ways to operate effectively as a team in this space. With a new focus on ‘Connection’ to drive their leadership, the team have been developing idea and activities then can lead to encourage connection and engagement within the school community. It is shaping up to be an action packed term, with a variety of activities on the horizon, to appeal to a wide range of students.

The Pillars Year 7 Leadership Program concluded at the end of last term. It was lovely to see such an enthusiastic group of young Siena women committed to learning about Dominican leadership, and furthering their own individual leadership journeys. The girls reflected on lessons from St Dominic, examined characteristics of effective leaders in our world, reflected on their own personal gifts and strengths, and entered into conversation with three of our current Siena Leaders to hear about their own paths in leadership. Following on from our Year 7 Reflection Day and the Transition Program at the start of the year, the Pillars Leadership Program provided an opportunity for our students to further engage in the question of what it means to be Dominican, with many of our Year 7s embracing the idea of being a “Dominican Do-er”!

The Pillars Leadership Program will be continuing throughout the year for other Year Levels, including another opportunity for Year 7s in Term 4. All students are welcome to participate.

Update from the SRC

With the move to online learning and teaching, the SRC have continued to meet each week over Microsoft Teams. The approach to our leadership and our goals have had to shift, as we are working from home.

To support us with this change, the SRC had one of the Siena College Leadership Team members come in to share with us their experience and how they are changing their leadership to adapt to the current climate. They offered us advice on how we can change our approach, and how to be there as leaders for our peers.

In our meetings, we have been working in our small teams to develop ways we can keep students and the wider community engaged and connected with our community, which are our goals for the term. This week we had the first of our online connection activities, a Household Scavenger Hunt, which was a great success with more than one hundred students participating.

Over the rest of the term, we will continue to provide a variety of activities for students to participate in, to connect with each other and to earn HOTY points for their House.

Bridget Hoy
Communications Leader – Public Relations

Claire Moody

Head of Student Formation
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