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Chess Colours

Chess Colours

College Colours are awarded in order to recognise and acknowledge participation, contribution and excellence in a number of cocurricular endeavours. Colours are based on cumulative criteria and are awarded at three levels: Level 1 (Black), Level 2 (Silver) and Level 3 (Full - braid). Level 3 (Full) Colours are only obtained after a long term commitment, valuable contribution and notable achievement in the relevant endeavour.

The Learning Diversity Department is very pleased to announce that College Colours will now be awarded for Chess. Students who have been involved in Chess over the past four years will be automatically considered for this category.

The points system and levels of achievement will operate as per other cocurricular activities acknowledged at Siena.

Factors that will be taken into consideration include:

  • Participation in the lunchtime chess sessions
  • Representing Siena at the various tournaments held each year
  • Attendance at the State Finals

Anne Rice

Head of Learning Diversity
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