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Catnapped from the Cloisters?

Given our Dominican heritage, it is not surprising that Siena College has had a long association with dogs. Jock, Paddy and Marty from the early days were dogs belonging to the nuns. Brutus had the run of the College in the 1970s and Daisy the dalmatian is a frequent and much-loved visitor today.

However, Siena did have at least one feline intruder. A small grey and white cat turned up at the convent on the feast of St Barnabas in 1953 and the nuns named him Barney. However, he disappeared soon after and according to Rustling Leaves (the Siena student magazine), the rumour was that Barney had been ‘catnapped’ and was last seen on the Wattle Park tram in the company of an unnamed student. The mystery was never solved.

Maureen McAuley

College Archivist
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