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Eco Warriors - Ethical Consumption

This week’s regular meeting took place on the first day of Spring, providing the Eco Warriors with an opportunity to reflect on the Season of Creation and to celebrate all that we enjoy about this beautiful season. For us, it is our appreciation of the natural beauty of the Earth which affirms our desire to work collaboratively and with determination to protect and preserve our natural resources and to ensure that, through our daily lives and habits, our impact on the Earth’s resources is limited to only that which is necessary.

This philosophy has encouraged us to audit our consumption, starting first with our personal consumption and then broadening to general household consumption. Are we making the best possible choices as consumers? Are we supporting companies with sound ethical principles and a commitment to their employees and the environment? This questioning of our own habits encouraged us to share some of the brands we have discovered as sound alternatives to some popular products.

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Reflect on your consumption of something nature provides, such as wood, energy, meat, even chocolate. Where does it come from? Is it produced sustainably? How could changing your consumption patterns help heal the earth?

Bronwyn Ilott

Head of Justice Education
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