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Antonio de Montesinos

We were thrilled to be able to run this year’s Antonio de Montesinos Award online, ensuring that Siena students still had the opportunity to exercise their public speaking prowess. While it looked a little different, the event was an immense success.

The competition is named in honour of the Dominican friar Antonio de Montesinos who bravely challenged his society regarding the treatment of indigenous peoples. In the spirit of Veritas, we ask our girls to use this platform to express their voices and bringing attention to important issues. The students responded to this year’s college theme “Who Do You Say I Am?” The different interpretations of this topic were so engaging and interesting.

This year, seven students from Years 7-11 took part in the competition: Amber Kantzipas, Charlotte Lang, Tia McCann, Maria Ng, Olivia Nicholls, Sasha Sahely and Alana Stravato. The adjudicators all agreed that each and every one of these girls spoke wonderfully and wish to again commend them on their speeches. Thanks go to Louise D’Angelo and Michael Hanrahan for their assistance with making some very difficult decisions.

The winner of the Award was Sasha Sahely (Year 10) with a speech that commented on the social movements of 2020 and provided a passionate call to action. The runner up was Tia McCann (Year 7), whose philosophical take on the theme was incredibly insightful.

The night was ably hosted by Debating and Public Speaking Captain Amanda Marasco, who also provided support to the entrants throughout the preparation for the event.

A very special thank you to Tracey Grobbelaar, Gabrielle Snell and Amy Stubbs who assisted tremendously with bringing this event online and making it 2020-friendly and to Elizabeth Hanney for welcoming the attendees.

Stephanie Seymour

Head of House, Cassia
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