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Learning and Teaching

Year 12 Trial Exams

The Year 12 Trial Exams ran smoothly and the results will be available via Siena Central on 16 October. These results are indicative of how the students are currently placed in terms of their learning. It is important that students regard these exams as a learning opportunity and take the time to go through them and focus on or ask questions about any areas in which they can improve. A special thanks to all the Year 12 teachers who have been busily marking the exams to return them to the students in record time.

Year 12s

The last day of classes for Year 12 students is Thursday, 29 October. We will run another Trial English and Literature exam on Monday, 19 October, commencing at 1:00pm and concluding at 4.15pm.

It is great to see that students are continuing to approach their study in a consistent manner. A most effective way to accomplish this is to complete as many practice papers and questions as possible. Teaching staff are always available during regular school hours to correct practice papers and assist in any way. Once the students start swotvac, teachers will continue to be available during their normal class time.

Support and encouragement from family and friends is very valuable at this time, in order to keep up spirits and momentum. We’ll be thinking of you all and wish you the very best!

Year 9 – 11 Examination Update

The College has elected not to hold Semester 2 examinations for Year 9 and 10 students due to the amount of time spent learning remotely and the weighting of Semester 2 assessment tasks will be adjusted accordingly. This allows Year 9 and 10 classes an extra two weeks of learning time, as we will no longer have a week of revision nor a week of exams. It also provides extra time for students to reconnect with one another and their subject teachers.

However, it is important that Year 11 students undergo revision practice and end of semester examinations prior to entering Year 12. Year 11 students will receive their revision package and Examination Timetable next week. Year 11 students studying an accelerated subject will need to look at their timetable, as the VCAA examinations are now later in the year and there will be some overlap of dates. If a student needs to reschedule a Year 11 examination due to a clash with a VCAA examination, please contact Dr Vadala.

2021 Subjects and Booklists

Please take note of the following dates, when students will receive their final list of 2021 subjects and access to the 2021 Booklist:

October 22: Year 12 students

October 29: Year 11 students

November 5: Year 8, 9 and 10 students

2021 Headstart Program

2021 Year 12 students will commence Headstart on Monday, 23 November and conclude on Friday, 27 November. Therefore, Friday 27 November will be the last day for the current Year 11 cohort.

The 2021 Year 11 Headstart program will commence on Monday, 30 November and conclude on Thursday, 3 December at 12.45pm. Please note that this is a change from the previously published Key Dates. Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students’ last day will be Thursday, 3 December, and all students will finish at 12.45pm.

Bernadette Donnelly

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
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