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The Social Dilemma

You might have noticed, or even watched as a family the new Netflix documentary 'The Social Dilemma', which explores how social media companies have been developed to influence the way individuals think, read and engage with one another. It showcases the use of algorithms and data analysis in the creation of these platforms and discusses the often alarming impact social media can have on our own mental health.

At Siena College we are committed to educating students about the importance of online safety. The Victorian Curriculum places particular emphasis on developing a student’s ability the recognise the need for cyber-safety when using online information systems, for example recognising that shared personal information can be used for undesirable purposes and that using a password is a means of protecting identity. This is discussed at various points in each student’s learning journey and is complemented by resources within the Wellbeing program that assist students in understanding the impact that social media can have on their mental health.

Whilst social media can play an important role in keeping communities connected, it is important that students understand the harm it can do if not accessed with understanding, and in a measured way.

As parents, there is much information available to you to help your daughters understand their digital footprint. These may also assist you in your navigation and management of your daughters use of social media. Some links you may find useful are:





Minna Jewell

Director of Students
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