Term 4, Issue 3 - Mission | Siena College
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Mission and Identity

Student Leadership

Across this term students aspiring to Leadership in 2021 have participated in the Pillars program, facilitated by Claire Moody, members of staff and current senior Student Leaders. The resultant interviews and elections have illustrated the capacity of our students to embody the characteristics of Dominican leadership and their commitment to continuing this important aspect of student voice at Siena.

St Mary’s House of Welcome Outreach

St Mary’s House of Welcome opens the doors daily to over two hundred people living in ongoing poverty. Each year our College undertakes a Christmas Hamper Appeal to benefit this community – these are compiled in House Groups and staff groups across Siena. Please take the time to discuss your daughter’s contribution with her and visit https://www.smhow.org.au/ to find out more about this important justice initiative.

Albertus Magnus

Albertus Magnus (Albert the Great) is a Doctor of the Church (like St Catherine) and the Patron Saint of Scientists. Our Learning Centre is named after Albert, a brilliant natural scientist whose work concerning the earth and our environment is still appreciated by scholars today. He had a great devotion to his faith and inspired many of his students to find God in the mysteries and wonders of our world – one of these students was Thomas Aquinas.

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