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Year 7 Netball fun

To mark their return to school from remote learning, Year 7 students participated in a friendly and fun House Netball competition. This competition was aimed at bringing the students together after remote learning and give them the opportunity to participate in physical activity and represent their Houses. The competition consisted of three rounds where all Houses played each other once in a twelve minute netball game, with relaxed rules to ensure all students were accommodated. The current Year 11 House leaders came along to assist their fellow Year 7 students and coach from the sidelines. Each game was attended by many spectators which developed a real House spirit! All three rounds of the competition were a success and the grand final between Cassia and Dianella was a hard-fought contest. In the end Cassia took out the win, but efforts by all students who participated is to be congratulated.

Riley Khan

AFL Sports Trainee
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