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Mission and Identity

Awaiting Advent

As we approach December we usher in a new Liturgical Year - Advent is a special time that is often neglected in the pre-Christmas crush.

One of the main Advent themes is waiting - our VCE students are waiting for their results and all of us are excitedly waiting for our holiday break to begin in a little while…

It might seem strange but Advent also reminds us that God is waiting for each one of us to contribute to our world becoming a more just and peaceful place.

So, in waiting for the birth of Jesus, we are waiting for God to actually come among us in the person of Jesus – with His message of unity and harmony among all people. Former Master of the Dominican Order Timothy Radcliffe OP reflects:

During Advent, we are like people gathered around the bed; we await the birth. But God’s coming was not just the birth of a child; it was the coming of a word… though it needed thousands of years before there was a language in which God’s word could be spoken in the form of Jesus.

Jennifer Levett

Deputy Principal Mission and Identity
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