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Siena College is a Restorative Practices School

Restorative Practices is a whole school approach to promoting resilience and aims to contribute to the building of positive relationships in school communities. It is focused on helping young people become aware of the impact of their behaviour on others through personal accountability and learning from a conflict situation. An important component of restorative practices is the focus on restoring relationships after harm has been done, rather than applying punitive measures.

Restorative approaches provide schools with a range of practices which promote mutually respectful relationships and manage behaviour and conflict, address bullying and absences and build community cohesion. Restorative approaches are not new but offer a framework upon which to build on existing good practice. There is a wealth of evidence that shows how the use of restorative approaches alongside Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL), helps to develop more resilient and self regulating learners, thus creating positive learning environments. (Restorative Practices in School, Flannagan and Clark)

This practice values dialogue through an inclusive approach where everyone expects to be heard, and through this participatory process, students develop the capacity to learn in a practical way that emotions are an important and legitimate expression of healthy classroom conversations and dialogue. This assists students to resolve and understand conflict and tensions and difference in respectful ways that engenders trust, empathy, responsibility, and fosters healthy relationships. (David Vinegrad)

David Vinegrad

David Vinegrad is the Director of Behaviour Matters, a business dedicated to assisting schools get the best out of what they do. David believes that improving the way people relate to each other is vital because behaviour matters. We are delighted that David will be working with our staff during Professional Practice Time on the afternoon of Tuesday, 25 February. He will be working with us to explore restorative practices in our changing context.

Antonella Rosati

Deputy Principal Wellbeing and Strategy
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