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Wellbeing Week at Siena

This week the Wellbeing Team launched our inaugural Wellbeing Week. The aim of the week was to provide all members of our community with the tools and knowledge to help them manage their mental health. The activities were also a time to gather as a community sharing moments of reflection, connection and gratitude with one another.

On Monday we had our annual Big Sister Little Sister shared lunch. The Year 7 students had been looking forward to meeting their Big Sisters and it was pleasing to see our students engaged in such positive and meaningful conversations. On Tuesday at lunchtime we welcomed Bianca De Marco who guided staff and students through a meditation and yoga class. Both the students and staff members who participated felt rejuvenated after the session:

“The yoga class provided a way for me to calm down and reassess my priorities after a relatively stressful morning. It allowed me to really refresh my mind. I felt more present after the session and was more focused for the remainder of the day”.
Carla Goutzoulas (Year 11)

“Today’s yoga lunch time session was wonderful. The emphasis was on breathing and clearing your mind. I walked out of the session refreshed and in high spirits, ready to tackle the rest of the day.”
Verena Steiner (staff member)

In addition, dodgeball games, a lunchtime movie screening and giant mandala painting provided opportunities for participants to benefit from an overall increase in both individual and community wellbeing. There are many ways to improve our wellbeing: connecting with peers, being active, being mindful and giving to others are just some of the ways staff and students were able to integrate wellbeing into their daily lives this week.

Minna Jewell
on behalf of the Wellbeing Team

Minna Jewell

Director of Students
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