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Year 12 Programs

Year 12 Programs

As the new Head of Senior Pathways, I am looking forward to meeting parents of our senior students throughout the year. Please make contact if you have questions or concerns – there is a dedicated team to help you and your daughter navigate the VCE years.

There is much happening for Year 12s in Term 1, and that does not even include enjoying their new privileges of a shared common room, study space, and private study periods. Whilst classes are in full swing, they are also experiencing the new Enrichment Program. There are three double period sessions of Enrichment per fortnight, aimed at fostering group and individual study skills. This has already included Elevate Education, who discussed mindset and motivation, memory and focus. We have reflected on how to live within our values, where students reflected on their core values and how aligned these were to their actions. Using the language of the four Thinking Styles of relational, inventive, practical, and factual, students identified how they tend to process information and work best. In these four groups, they discussed how to study in small groups – and these are also groupings that teachers and students can draw on when they want to work well together. It’s important to remember the motivations, processing, and interests of those around us, and how they might differ from our own.
Learning Conversations began this week for all Year 12 students. These are one-on-one coaching sessions with a teacher that aim to reflect on past learning behaviours and set new intentions. This activity aims to also use the student’s own Unit 2 data to predict a likely ATAR – but is an estimation only, with many variables involved. This gives students the opportunity to be realistic, and have time to adjust learning behaviours to best address their goals for the year and their post-school pathway. There will be a follow up conversation in Term 3 to chart progress and focus on perseverance.

The Enrichment Program will also include building literacy through the Writing Revolution program, careers and VTAC briefings, time for catch up SACs, retreat planning with Sister Sheila, the General Achievement Task, and private/small group study.

Anita Galli

Head of Senior Pathways
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