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Future Directions

Siena College is committed to pursuing innovation and new opportunities to further enhance learning outcomes for the young women in our care.

As we look back at the development of Siena College, we are reminded of the Dominican Sisters who came to Siena Convent, then a small cottage type dwelling in August, 1926. It was not until 1939 that the new convent school building was officially opened. In the late 1940s, cottages along the Riversdale Road frontage were procured as additions to the school, and so began the humble beginnings of Siena.

In 1988, the trustees of the College, the Dominican Sisters, made important and far reaching decisions for the future of the College. They commissioned Philip Roff and Associates to develop a master plan with the aim to maintain the highest educational standards.

Below: The 1988 Philip Roff and Associates Master Plan

Recommendations from Philip Roff and Associates were to upgrade the College’s basic facilities to a modern standard for the carrying out of administrative and academic procedures in a rapidly changing educational environment.

Central to these initiatives is an immediate need for additional funds which will not only make the restructuring possible, but also ensure that Siena College will be able to fulfill its aims in our rapidly changing world”.

It is due to their foresight and vision that Siena College developed the facilities we enjoy today.

We continue to plan for our future by securing surrounding properties and improving our facilities. We know that fees alone cannot fund development and to ensure we are providing for the future we are embarking on a new master plan. The College has a long standing commitment to engaging with the wider community on both a local and global scale. The launch of Dominican Education Australia in 2016, has set in place the foundations to forge even stronger relationships within the Australian Dominican community, particularly with the six other entities that constitute Dominican Education Australia. The College continues to flourish within the broader context of its location in Camberwell and is a highly regarded Catholic school for young women in the Dominican tradition.

For further information please contact our Director of Development and Community Relations, Tracey Grobbelaar at tgrobbelaar@siena.vic.edu.au.