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Alumnae Association

We welcome all Siena alumnae to join the Alumnae Association and extend an invitation to attend the Association meetings and contribute fresh ideas and insights. The Association's success comes from the strength of the connections formed by its members.

Rachael Clements (Class of 2007) and Lisa Higgins (Class of 1993) are Co Presidents of the Alumnae Association for 2021. Rachael and Lisa invite all alumnae to attend as many events across the year as possible.

Rachael Clements, Lisa Higgins and Liz Merrett

Alumnae Association Executive

Co Presidents: Rachael Clements and Lisa Higgins
Secretary: Liz Merrett

Alumnae Association Meeting Dates 2021

COVID restrictions permitting, the Alumnae Association meets on a Monday evening from 6.30pm to 7.30pm in the Siena College Boardroom and Heritage Centre. Meetings will be held via Zoom if we cannot meet onsite.

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

  • Monday, 6 September
  • Monday, 25 October (AGM)

Alumnae Association AGM

For further information about the Alumnae Association, please contact

The Careers Showcase

Each year, the Alumnae Association hosts the Careers Showcase, which features panels of Siena alumnae speaking to current students about their study and career pathways since leaving school. The Showcase provides a fantastic opportunity for Siena students to hear first-hand about the options and possibilities open to them, and is a wonderful way to connect our past and present.

This year, due to COVID restrictions and lockdown, the Careers Showcase was run online over three evenings. It was a fantastic series of panels ranging from Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health to Creative Design, Marketing, Architecture, Criminology and Forensics, and more - all panels were attended enthusiastically by Siena students. Thank you to all our Siena alumnae who were involved in the Showcase this year!

Alumnae Association Awards

The Alumnae Association provides the following awards which are presented annually at the Academic Awards Evening.

Siena College Award
The Siena Past Students’ Association initiated the Siena Award in 1997. Presented annually to a Year 12 student, it is considered to be the highest award of excellence, based on the Siena College values as espoused in the Mission Statement. The Principal, in consultation with staff, selects the student to be so honoured and her name is entered on the College Honour Roll.

  • 2019: Jade Devlin
  • 2020: Bridget Hoy
Dr Ursula McHenry, née McKenna (Class of 1948)

Doctor Ursula McKenna Award
The Siena College Alumnae Association provides the Doctor Ursula McKenna Award.

Ursula McHenry, née McKenna (Class of 1948), holds the distinction of being the first Siena College student to complete a tertiary education. After completing a Science and Medical degree, Ursula worked as a residential doctor, then in the psychiatric unit at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne. In a male dominated field Ursula faced many challenges.

The award is presented to an alumna of the College and recognises excellence in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Recipients of the Doctor Ursula McKenna Award:

  • 2015: Dr Lorien Parker (Class of 1999)
  • 2016: Dr Lisa Begg (Class of 1984)
  • 2017: Dr Clare Fedele (Class of 1999)
  • 2018: Ursula Harris, née Ryan (Class of 1984)
  • 2019: Dr Julia Marchingo (Class of 2006)
  • 2020: Associate Professor Debbie Phyland, née Law (Class of 1982)

We also acknowledge the following alumnae, nominated for the Doctor Ursula McKenna Award in 2020:

  • Katherine Gill (Class of 2004)
  • Freya Bruveris (Class of 2007)
  • Jorja Collins (Class of 2006)