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Scholarship Program

Equity Scholarship Program

Siena College is committed to supporting families in need and we offer a range of Equity Scholarships to assist with tuition fees. Equity Scholarships are offered to students at all year levels and are awarded for the duration of their time at school if needed, and subject to funding availability. Equity Scholarships contribute 50% to 80% of tuition fees, based on need.

Applications for Equity Scholarships are assessed by the Siena Scholarship Committee and treated in the strictest confidence.

Please find further information on our Equity Scholarships and how to apply below.

Siena College continues its legacy of providing a learning environment strongly committed to nurturing a grounded, innovative and holistic education for young women that prepares them to take their place in adulthood as significant agents of change, and prepares them to become responsible global citizens. Through our rich Catholic heritage and dynamic Dominican tradition, students are grounded in Gospel values at Siena College, providing them with:

  • Tools of study where they develop frontiers of critical thinking, continually seeking truth in its various manifestations
  • Community and interdependence
  • Prayer, leading them to the right relationship with God, with others and our sacred earth, and
  • Active, compassionate service

Strongly rooted in the Dominican pillar of Justice (Service), students develop an understanding that, with the privilege of their education, comes responsibility. They extend their voices, addressing human injustice wherever it is compromised, as did St Catherine of Siena, the patron of Siena College.

Students grow to become ardent truth seekers and bearers of hope. With Veritas as the College motto, they seek to interface near and far with the heart and eyes of God, celebrating and embracing diversity, inclusion and deeply respecting the dignity of all, embracing the challenges that this entails in a multicultural, multi religious, as well as secular society.

We seek to bridge the gaps of inequity that exist in our Nation, inviting all of our students to embrace with curiosity and joy a multi-cultural web of connection and right relationship with one another in this holistic learning environment, weaving a future of hope.
We need your help for this adventure. Would you consider supporting a scholarship student in one of the following categories:

Indigenous Scholarship

It would be our hope to provide a First Nation student with a depth educational opportunity at Siena College that will enhance her own Songlines as well as build our mutual pathways in diversity and shared understanding of our cultural heritage as custodians, archivists, songwriters and artists.

Refugee Scholarship

We would like to offer a Refugee student the chance through this Scholarship to find her place and resonance in the world and manifest hope for herself and her family from the backdrop of extreme adversity, as part of our Catholic solidarity with the vulnerable.

Alumnae Scholarship

Our strong Alumnae community is aware of what Siena College offers young women and wish this legacy to continue through their family line but may not have the financial means to do so. Providing the opportunity for an Alumnae Scholarship would help perpetuate that long legacy of sending young women forth from Siena College to be agents of change in our global world.

How to Apply?

For students entering Year 7, applications for Equity Scholarships are assessed in their Grade 5 year. For students at other year levels, applications are assessed the year prior to commencement at Siena College. Please complete the Equity Scholarship Application Form and return via email to or post a hard copy to:

Siena College
815 Riversdale Road
Camberwell VIC 3124

Supporting Equity Scholarships

Every donation made to our Siena College Equity Scholarship program is greatly appreciated. Your support will enable girls who would otherwise be unable to attend Siena College to become a part of our College community. You can donate online or contact our Director of Development and Community Relations, Tracey Grobbelaar at to discuss.

Diversity, inclusiveness, and social equity enrich the experiences of the young women at Siena College.