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Religious Identity Statement

Inspired by the witness of St Dominic and St Catherine, in union with the Dominican Family, we participate in the global mission of Jesus by:


The traditional call for Dominicans is to “contemplate and share the fruits of our contemplation.”

  • Creating times and spaces for individual and communal prayer and reflection
  • Participating in the sacramental life of the Church through College, staff and student Eucharistic celebrations
  • Celebrating our Dominican heritage by marking the feasts of St Dominic and St Catherine and other Dominican saints in sacramental moments and in our College publications
  • Modelling a life of contemplation and prayer through our active participation and leadership of times of prayer and Scriptural reflection with staff, parents and students
  • Marking significant stages of sacramental journeys of members of our College community
  • Exploring different ways of praying to develop our spirituality and to express our Catholic culture


Our Motto is Veritas. Study enables us to search out and discern the truth of our times.

  • Seeking to know the Scriptures and the traditions of the Catholic Church
  • Promoting the inclusion of religious dimensions and faith across all disciplines
  • Developing a lifelong love of learning and search for truth by promoting critical inquiry and respect for evidence
  • Developing a culture of reflective practice and academic rigour among staff and students
  • Supporting the Catholic Education Melbourne requirement that all teaching staff are to be “Accredited to Teach in a Catholic School”


Inheritors of the apostolic spirit of our founder, St Dominic, we preach the Gospel in solidarity and service.

  • Recognising and celebrating that we are members of the Catholic community and global Dominican family
  • Offering hospitality to guests, engaging in lively dialogue and in expressing familial concern in times of significant events in the lives of our community
  • Joyfully building relationships with other cultures and traditions and among ourselves
  • Demonstrating our apostolic witness in our local, national and global communities
  • Promoting the active participation of all members of our community in the full life of the College


We are called to embrace the human condition more fully in solidarity with those most in need.

  • Promoting a culture of individual and communal ongoing service to the wider community
  • Participating in a range of opportunities for Indigenous education and immersion experiences that develop a fundamental option for the poor
  • Supporting restorative practice and justice in nurturing relationships in our communities
  • Recognising our responsibility to live Catholic social teaching by sharing our gifts, resources and time with the marginalised in our community
  • Developing sustainable policies and practices that reflect our commitment to the care of the environment and love of the aesthetic