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Siena Parents' Association (SPA)

Established in 1971, Siena Parents’ Association (SPA) is the primary parent representative body of Siena College. SPA aims to:

  • Support the academic, spiritual, cultural, sporting and social interests of the College students
  • Provide opportunities for parents to engage with the College community and to enhance relationships between College staff, parents and students
  • Conduct and support fundraising activities for the benefit of the College. SPA has contributed an astounding $229,335 in fundraising since 2013.

Membership of SPA is open to all parents and guardians of current Siena students. New members are welcome at any time and whatever contribution your time allows will be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in joining SPA, complete the form below.

Please note that all Siena College volunteers need to be listed on our Volunteers Register prior to performing any volunteer duties. Further information on becoming a volunteer can be found here.

You can contact SPA via email at

SPA Executive 2022

President: Penny Frausing
Vice President: Andrea Kral
Treasurer: Adrian Cursio
Secretary: Kaisha Gurry
Uniform Shop Coordinators: Lisa Harris, Helena Chinnock

SPA Meeting Dates 2022

Meetings are held monthly on Tuesday evenings from 7.00 pm to 9.30pm.

Wednesday, 16 March 7.00pm
Tuesday, 26 April 7.00pm
Tuesday, 17 May 7.00pm
Tuesday, 7 June 7.00pm
Tuesday, 12 July 7.00pm
Tuesday, 9 August 7.00pm
Tuesday, 13 September 7.00pm
Tuesday, 11 October 7.00pm AGM
Tuesday, 8 November 7.00pm

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