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Notable Alumnae

A Siena College education has always been based on a deep respect for the unique qualities and gifts of each member of the community, with an emphasis on service and on personal excellence in all endeavours. Timothy Radcliffe OP, former Master General of the Dominican Order, stated that "we are bound together as a community by stories of the past as well as dreams of the future". In 2015, the 75th anniversary year of Siena College, we published a commemorative book sharing the stories of seventy-five people who have been a part of the rich tapestry of life at the College over past decades. This began our tradition of nominating a Notable Alumna each year to celebrate their story, their life pathway, and to acknowledge the contributions they have made to the broader community.

We invited alumnae, staff and community members to nominate people each year who embody the spirit and traditions of our College and of our Patron, St Catherine of Siena. St Catherine was both passionate and courageous, a revolutionary, a peacemaker, a champion of the poor, and a prophetic teacher and truth-seeker.

We hope that you too will be inspired and delighted by the stories of our Notable Alumnae.

Please contact our Alumnae Coordinator, Liz Merrett at if you wish to order a copy of the 75th anniversary commemorative book.

2020 Notable Alumna

We acknowledge the following alumnae nominated for this award in 2020:

  • Stephanie Chiocci (Past staff member)
  • Cathy Clark (Class of 1977)
  • Rebecca Dabbs (Class of 2000)
  • Jade Devlin (Class of 2019)
  • Gabrielle Harradine (Class of 2011)
  • Judy Horacek (Class of 1979)
  • Emelia Jackson (Class of 2007)
  • Catherine Joyce (Class of 1985)
  • Sarah Joyce (Class of 1985)
  • Erin Juers, née Koch (Class of 2002)
  • Charlotte Lack (Class of 2019)
  • Angela Marroncelli (Class of 1986)
  • Jane O'Brien (Class of 1979)
  • Anthea O'Connor (Class of 1988)
  • Debbie Phyland (Class of 1982)
  • Michelle Radtke (Class of 1994)
  • Amanda Robinson, née Whelan (Class of 1989)
  • Rachel Slattery (Class of 1987)

Siena College Notable Alumnae